Court sets 7-day deadline for Delhi gang rape convicts to file petitions against execution

The four 2012 gang rape convicts sentenced to death should exercise their legal remedies within the next seven days after which the authorities should act in accordance with the law, Justice Suresh Kumar Kait of the Delhi High Court ruled on Wednesday.

Justice Kait, however, rejected the Centre’s appeal against the trial court’s order that put off their execution on February 1 and the request to hang two of them – Mukesh Singh and Vinay Sharma – because they had exhausted their legal options.

Tushar Mehta, the Centre’s senior most-senior law officer had argued that the court had misinterpreted the Tihar prison rules that requires the court to defer execution of death row convicts if an appeal or an application is made on behalf of any one of them.

Mehta, who had been critical of the effort by the convicts to delay their execution, had sought to convince the high court that a mercy petition could not be counted as an appeal or application.

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