Court tears on prisons

Now he has given state governments a two-week time to tell them what their plans are to improve the condition of the jails

Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik

The Supreme Court has shed tears on the prisons of India. Now he has given state governments a two-week time to tell them what their plans are to improve the condition of the jails. In 2016, the country’s largest court had told the state governments that they should submit their correction plans till March 31, 2017. Year passed but a state or a single center-administered area ignored the court’s direction.

Now if they do not get the answer in two weeks, the court will punish defamation, but the question is, who will give the punishment? He will punish, the Director General of Police, the chief of the jails. What are the rights in the hands of these Director General of the states? They have no budget and there are not enough employees to remove the plight of the jails.

The court should put that responsibility on those prison ministers or chief ministers of the states. Even if the Director General of Police has given some suggestions of prison reforms, they will apply only if the government applies them. The court says that more prisoners in India’s 1,300 jails should remain half-hearted. The number of prisoners in the jails is 6 times more. Prisoners are punished like animals in our jails.

I myself have been in Jails of Patiala, Indore and Delhi of Punjab but as a political prisoner. The services and care of the leaders are in jail, they will not even be in their homes. That is why they do not care that ordinary prisoners die if they die. Some of the prisoners of ration, medicines, hard work also fall away. In many prisons, they are fed stinking food, but the maldar and vicious prisoners live in the jails even in chains.

It is necessary to fix the arrangements for the prisoners’ living in prisons, but more importantly, they are given the facility to be alive like humans.

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Court tears on prisons
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क्या प्रदेश के मंत्रियों के कामकाज से संतुष्ट हैं?
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