Payal Jain happy that designers are now celebrities, not glorified tailors

Couture and bridal no more confused terms, things moving in the right direction

New Delhi

Designer Payal Jain feels that the word couture and bridal have somehow got entangled in each other in India but things are slowly moving in the right direction.

She also feels that when she started her label, fashion was a misunderstood term with designers treated as glorified tailors. However, now they are no less than a celebrity.

“I think the word ‘Couture’ and Bridal wear have somehow got entangled in each other in India, whereas Couture is not limited to the bridal market. It simply means ‘made to measure’ for any dinner, cocktail, performance, get together or special occasion.

“It is also not limited to saris and lehangas but has a much wider interpretation in the western world. It includes evening gowns, pant suits, draped ensembles, skirt ensembles, dresses and more. Slowly the Indian customer is warming up to special Western ensembles, although the majority of them associate Couture with bridal wear only,” Jain told IANS in an e-mail interview.

She says that when she first started her label, ‘Couture’ was not a word the Indian customer understood.

“Fashion too was a grossly misunderstood career choice as designers were treated as glorified tailors. Over the last two decades, I have seen the revolution in this industry, everyone has an opinion on fashion today and designers are considered celebrities, with huge fan following,” she said.

“I have always created western garments with a strong Indian textile heritage, but in the early 90s, the Indian fashion sensibility of most consumers was purely ethnic. With time, I have seen these preferences change completely across the country. Today, the Indian consumer is well aware of the global trends and up to date with international fashion. They want the latest trends, expect the best and are willing to spend on exclusivity and uniqueness.

Specially, ‘Couture’ is a word which is widely understood and appreciated amongst the discerning Indians. It remains largely Indian in its form, but gradually I can see more and more women opting for Western options for occasions,” she added.

Seamlessly blending Indian craftsmanship with modern day western silhouettes, Jain’s name is synonymous with eternal style. An industry veteran with decades of experience under her belt, she prides herself on meticulously crafting every piece that she creates with intricate precision.

With many accolades under her belt, including dressing trendsetter extraordinaire Victoria Beckham, Priyanka Chopra, Deepti Naval, Saina Nehwal and many others, there is no doubt that her atelier’s legacy will prevail to be one of the strongest fashion houses in the history of Indian Fashion.

Jain is one of the few designers that take painstaking care of each phase of her design realization. She conditions all the textile development that goes into her collection; from approving every fiber to the actual processing of the weave itself, spending anywhere between 12-18 months developing her line.

She feels that fashion is limited to boundaries or ethnicity.

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