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Covid-19 Cases Crossed 70000 in Maharashtra, Fresh 76 died

The state reported 2,361 new cases on Monday

Mumbai: The number of Covid-19 cases shot above the 70,000-mark in Maharashtra on Monday even as the state notched a fresh death toll of 76, down by 40 from the highest 116 deaths recorded on May 29, health officials said. In a major development, Thane district with 9,941 cases has become the second worst-hit in the state, overtaking Pune district’s tally of 8,045 cases.

The state reported 2,361 new cases on Monday. This comes to roughly one death every 19 minutes, and an average 98 new cases notched every hour in the state. Maharashtra has been recording 75-plus fatalities and over 2K new patients daily for the past one week, with the previous highest figures of 3,041 infections notched on May 24.

With 76 fatalities, the state’s death toll has touched 2,362 while the total number of coronavirus patients increased from Sunday’s 67,655 to 70,013 on Monday. The health department said that of the total number of cases declared till date, 37,534 were ‘active cases’, increasing by 1,503 over Sunday’s 36,031.

The state recorded a recovery rate of 43 per cent while the mortality (death) rate remained unchanged at 3.37 per cent.

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