Cow traffickers attacked an animal rights activist in Bengaluru???

Amidst consistent reports of cow vigilantism where people are being harassed or beaten up on suspicion of cow trafficking, there has been a case where allegations are flying the other way around. According to a case filed by a animal activist, some of the people involved in cow trafficking with ill intentions actually attacked her as she had reported the crime earlier. The animal activist has been identified as Nandini Neeraj. The 45-year-old animal rights activist was allegedly assaulted and her car vandalized as she had complained with the police about illegal cow slaughter the same evening.
Nandini, who works as an executive in a multi-national company in Bengaluru, saw a few animals tied at a slaughter house on Saturday in Avalahalli. She suspected illegal activity at the premises and immediately alerted the police. Nandini says the police registered her complaint and asked her to go home.

She has further claimed that the police had promised her that there were about 15-20 police officers present at the spot. However, instead of going back home, she along with two constables headed for the slaughter house. She was shocked to see that there were no policemen there, only the two who had accompanied her.

There was a mob that had gathered at the slaughter house, alleged Nandini, who then attacked her and started pelting stones at her car while the constables fled.

“I was shocked to see that there were no police officers there. I went with two constables to show them the way as the slaughter house is located in a remote place. The personnel who accompanied me fled the spot to save their lives,” the 45-year-old said.

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