Crime Branch to probe sexual assault case in Malankara Orthodox church

Church authorities’ probe inconclusive even after a month


Malankara Orthodox church authorities haven’t made headway in the sexual assault allegations. The probe seemingly stands where it started off almost a month back. Now, crime branch of Kerala police has decided to probe the allegations. The complaint against the priests was filed on May 7, 2018.


The case involves five senior priests of the orthodox church. The victim’s husband claimed that believed in the church’s investigation, which is why he did not file a police complaint against the priests.

The churches across Kerala failed to react on the case. As a result the National Commission for Women reached out to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Kerala to intervene in the investigations done by the church against the priests.

It is on the orders of the DCP that the state crime branch has decided to probe the sensitive case. It is suspected that not only the five priests of the church are involved in the case but also more people had participated in the assault.

The Church committee has not yet recorded the victim’s statement, they deny to reveal anything about the course of the investigation. Also, the victim is absconding, only her husband had revealed that church is trying to shield the accused. The Kerala government including the opposition failed to react to the situation.

According to a report by The News Minute, as a tradition of the churches, the woman confessed to a priest that she was assaulted by a priest and he has been demanding sexual favours from her.

The other priest turned out to be a predator and he also asked sexual favours from her and began blackmailing the victim. From here on, it was an abusive spiral where victim was forced to have sex with multiple priests.

The assault came to light when a telephonic conversation had gone viral in which victim’s husband was talking to someone, the conversation gave hints that the victim was being sexually abused by the church priests.

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