Criminalization of Politics

Criminalization of Politics

Our country attained independence from English slavery hundreds of years later in 1947. At the time of Independence, all the leaders of the country had resolved to fulfill the dream of Gandhiji’s ‘Ram Rajya’, but considering the rapid pace of criminalization of Indian politics at present, nobody can say that we have wandered completely.

All the citizens of the country should self-assess and make efforts to reinvigorate all the moral values ​we have lost. The poison of black marketing, bribery, corruption, nepotism, casteism and communalism is spreading all over the country.

From corruption to general leaders to top leaders, corruption charges have been taking from time to time. Criminalization is increasing day by day in the country’s politics. In the longing for the chair or post, the munition is ridiculing all moral values.

But the entry of criminal elements in India’s politics has not happened in a single day. After the freedom struggle started for the chair, all the parties began to refuse the Gandhian attitude of the purity of the means to establish their domination, it played a leading role in the alliance of politics and crime. This process was promoted in the name of eradicating casteism.

Need is to find and diagnose the causes of increasing criminalization. First of all, we find that there is a need for improvement in our country’s electoral process. Our Indian politics is dominated by wealth and power. According to an estimate, more than 90 percent of our leaders are either from highly wealthy families or they are related to criminal elements. Quality has never been the basis of our election process.

This is the reason that the qualified person cannot come forward and if he is coming then the lack of wealth power pulls him behind. In these circumstances, they completely separate themselves from politics. As a result, people come to politics in which selfishness is more than the feeling of love towards the country. Such people only hollow our roots like a termite.

One common thing is that the top officer of any office or department will be of unfit, corrupt or criminal nature, then in these circumstances, keeping the administration clean becomes a very difficult task. The paradox of our politics is also something similar.

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