Criticized for sitting on pile of books, Twinkle Khanna had this to say …

Her husband may be film superstar but Twinkle Khanna takes to social media platforms to vent out her views and opinions and that is where she has made a mark, so far at least. Well this comes from her latest photoshoot for Vogue India where she in one snap is seen sitting on pile of books. Now how did the netizens reacted especially as her foot was seen as resting on another pile of books but Twinkle Khanna clarified it to be a piece of furniture.

The netizens reacted with all fury but Twinkle Khanna had this to say to those who hated her pose over a pile of books, “I have no qualms with sitting on books, sleeping next to them or even keeping a pile in the bathroom to read regularly-The God of Wisdom visits you when you read books not worship them.”

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