Crucial meeting held on issue pertaining to Pong dam oustees, know more

To resolve the issues related to the Pong Dam oustees a bi-lateral meeting was organized today between Himachal Pradesh Chief Secretary B.K. Agarwal and Rajasthan Chief Secretary D.B. Gupta.

The issue of Pong Dam oustees was discussed in detail in the meeting according to directions given by the Himachal Pradesh High Court.

The Chief Secretary of Himachal Pradesh said that if Government of Rajasthan does not provide land to Pong Dam oustees, then Government of Himachal will select and buy land in state for the oustees and Rajasthan Government have to pay the compensation amount of purchased land.

On this the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan said that he will make his state government aware regarding this matter. He said that in present situation Rajasthan Government is not in a position to pay such a huge amount but Government of Rajasthan will provide land to the remaining oustees of Pong Dam in Rajasthan only.

He assured the State Government that plots would be allotted soon to more than 2000 cases pending with Rajasthan.

Chief Secretary of Rajasthan said that the Rajasthan Government has prepared 800 land plots for oustees, which will be provided to Pong dam oustees in two phases. He said that these land plots will be provided to oustees on 28th February and 11th March, 2019.

Chief Secretary B.K. Agarwal said that in order to provide land plots to oustees Government of Himachal Pradesh and Government of Rajasthan would make collective effort by forming a Common Portal.

Apart from this a check list will also be prepared and before giving land to oustees those land plots would be verified by competent senior official of Rajasthan. He said that Geo mapping of all land plots would be done.

Additional Chief Secretary Revenue Manisha Nanda, Joint Secretary Revenue Dr. K.R. Saizal, Deputy Secretary Revenue Praveen Tak, Deputy Commissioner (R&R) Vinay Modi, Colonization Commissioner Bikaner Rajasthan Kumar Pal Gautam and Additional Colonization Commissioner Vivek Kumar
were present among others in a meeting.

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