Cyber Safety protocol for students published, in this state

It is indeed praiseworthy that the state-run Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) published a cyber safety protocol detailing guidelines.

It was informed that the protocol comes as per the recommendations in a report of the Committee on the Welfare of Women, Transgenders, Children and Differently Abled under the state legislative Assembly.

It carries specific instructions for institution heads, teachers, parents and students to ensure cyber safety.

According to the protocol, secure password protection should be ensured by an institution head insisting on safe search methods.

It was also said that the facilitating of uninterrupted availability of Internet to teachers and students, providing Internet access to students only under the supervision of teachers, displaying instructions for secure Internet browsing in classrooms and labs.

It has been mandated to conduct cyber safety audit in schools across Kerala at least twice a year.

The protocol also specifies 11 activities to be strictly followed by students.

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