Cyber security workshop at NIT Raipur

Raipur: The Department of Computer Applications, NIT Raipur under the direction of AICTE Training and Learning Academy Programmes (ATAL) is organizing a cyber security workshop from 14-18th October 2019. The course aims to familiarize students with cyber security concepts such as cryptography, digital money, security techniques, and various other security techniques.

The event commenced with Dean Academics Dr Shirish Verma highlighting the importance of cyber security to protect IT infrastructure. According to Dr Shirish Verma, it’s extremely crucial to analyze and monitor the potential threat towards the IT infrastructure.

Next up Dr Harendra Bikrol introduced the participants to various topics regarding cyber security and also provided a brief about the importance of each concept. Dr Mithilesh Atulkar primarily focussed on how to cyber-security threats have been able to spread rapidly from personal computers used by families to those installed in corporate offices.

On the same note, Dr Shobha Lata further emphasized the need for cyber-security. The introductory session concluded with Dr Shirish Verma who also serves as in charge of Central Computer Centre elaborating the efforts of his colleagues Sunil Pandey and Ravindra Chauhan to secure 4000 computers across the institute. Overall this workshop has a lot in store for the next 4 days with each day promising to give participants a deeper insight into the world of cyber security.

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