Cyclist Missing an Oncoming Train by Split of Second, Watch Video

He appears to notice the train only when he is already on the railway tracks .

Video is shared by a railway infrastructure agency in Netherlands highlights the dangers of unguarded rail crossings.

The terrifying video, which shows a cyclist missing an oncoming train by a split second, has gone viral on social media since it was posted online about a week ago.

According to Local 12, the incident captured on camera took place a few months ago in Geleen, but the video was released by ProRail only a few days ago.

The video shows a cyclist at a rail crossing, waiting for one train to pass. He starts cycling across the rail tracks once that train passes, not noticing that another one is coming from the opposite direction.

He appears to notice it only when he is already on the train tracks however, he is able to pick up speed and cross the tracks, missing the train by the breadth of a hair.

Watch the hair-raising video below:

The video has collected over 8 lakh views on YouTube.

According to ProRail, the footage highlights the need for guards at all crossings in the country. “ProRail is engaged in a battle to lift all unguarded crossings in the Netherlands,” they write.

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