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Daily horoscope for Friday October 13th


A gambler’s moon tempts you to take a chance on love.

This can mean giving a relationship a fresh start or letting yourself fall in love with someone who has been a casual heartbreaker in the past but is now ready for commitment.

Job-wise, a workmate’s promotion proves to be lucky for you.


Your key strength is how you remain businesslike and calm outwardly, even when optimistic plans for more living space are suddenly good to go.

Venus travels as far as it can in your romance zone, so love can change from mean to keen.

Your lucky contact is a friend who gets the financial facts of life.


Don’t fret over what to say, start the conversation and the right words will flow in even the most sensitive situation.

Wish-fulfilling planet Neptune focuses on a career dream and the brilliant but unexpected advice you get from a boss some people find too tough.

Single? Check out a “D” name.


Mercury sharpens your mind and Saturn adds determination, so you could be amazed by how far and fast work takes you.

But love makes this your luckiest day, when you and a partner realize how much you mean to each other.

Single? New love has your favourite name and looks like a TV presenter.


Venus and Mars have very different plans for singles and ask you to choose between a love based on kindness, compatibility and a cash-rich lifestyle or a passion-driven pairing that will always be challenging.

A house with lots of unusual extras could turn out to be perfect for you.


The moon goes into the hidden part of your chart and gives you an air of mystery that is very attractive. Just be sure to use it wisely!

Cash-wise, mind-power planet Mercury ensures you concentrate, stay calm and work out the best possible deal. This time, emotions won’t get in the way.


Strict Saturn nudges you to go the extra mile while turning promising ideas into profitable action. The finishing touches take time but are worth it. In love, resist tricky tactics.

The straightforward approach will draw the right partner into your life.

Already involved? Let a partnership move at its own pace.


You ask the right questions to get the facts you need, plus some extra information that puts you in a strong position at work or in a job hunt.

Love-wise, you strip away the fantasy to see a partner as they really are, making a love-bond more secure – and sexier too.


Venus is on the move and just when you think a relationship is fading, it picks up speed. A special promise you were waiting for is made and meant.

Free to fall in love? You meet someone just back from a world tour.

Your working life takes off in an unexpected international direction too.


Clear thinking and a sprinkling of kindness give you the upper hand in all negotiations, opening doors at work and with a local group of actors.

In love, it’s good to know your feelings and smart to give a partner time to be sure as well.

If you feel you are doing a friend all the favours, you will be rewarded.


Talk confidently about your skills and don’t put yourself down, even just for fun, on a day when people take you at your own valuation.

The moon takes a spin in your partnership chart and reveals a different side of a partner. It’s a surprise you really like.

Your lucky location is a new health food store.


You have a more determined attitude to how family duties are shared out, freeing up time for yourself and a project that means a lot to you.

Single? You meet a relaxed and friendly person you’ve admired from a distance.

Already involved? Sharing hopes for the future with a partner is suddenly easier.

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