Daily Horoscope for Monday 16th October


Aries You will find stability in your finances however, you need to control your anger. You may plan an outing with your friends. You may also plan to buy a new vehicle or house. You may be able to reduce your debts.


Taurus You will be able to complete all your tasks on time. Your friends will help you by giving wise advice. You will frequently meet your relatives. Get ready for journeys.


Gemini Your subordinate staff will support you. You will get more inclined towards religious deeds. You may also go on a journey, which will bring fruitful results. You may expect good news.


Cancer Good deeds in the past will bring fruitful results. You may achieve success in the office or any other field. You may get misguided; hence, it is advised to be cautious. You will enjoy the support of the elders in your family.


Leo Do not speak bitter words to someone. It is advised to work in limit, as excess of work can have adverse effect on your health. You may face the decline in your reputation in your family. You will try to avoid social activities.


Virgo Try to set your goals, as it will help you enjoy your work. You will be able to overcome the obstacles in your work. You will be able to please everyone with your work style.


Libra Your subordinates will always support you. You may spend money on a religious activity. Your income may increase which will ensure money in your life.


Scorpio You will like justice today. You will try to keep fair in all your personal troubles. Your problems will decrease. Your sources of income may increase.


Sagittarius You are advised not to do anything without thinking. Your long pending legal tasks may speedup today. Your income will increase which will enlighten your heart. Your wish will get fulfilled soon. You will take a sigh of relief, as all your tasks will get completed on time.


Capricorn You will give priority to important tasks. You will get benefited by changing your workplace. There will be peace at your home. If you plan a holiday, you will enjoy it.


Aquarius This is going to be a tough day for you. You will face troubles in your important tasks. You will be occupied by negativity. Your opponents will be very active; hence, you are advised to be cautious.


Pisces Hard work done in the past will bring fruitful results. You may get promoted at work. You will get new sources of income. Your health will be great. Your will get more inclined towards religious work.

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