Daily horoscope for Monday October 9


With trader Mercury on your side, when there are deals to be done, you can think quickly.

Your cleverest move is to make everyone feel they have been treated more than fairly.

When it comes to love, you will want to know everything about ­someone new, but don’t ask too many questions too soon.



The more love you give, the more you get.

Instead of just one partner keeping the relationship going, you both work at it.

If you are single, that could change with one smile in a veggie restaurant.

At home, there is excitement when you discover a broken-off branch of your family tree in Australia.




As Jupiter prepares to move on, a rush of luck could add your name at the last minute to a list of winners.

A daydream of singing for an audience could turn into real-life action.

Maverick Pluto focuses on your passion chart and an unlikely attraction has a lot going for it, especially with a Scorpio.




It’s always good to listen to intuition but wise to also check the facts, especially to keep the boss happy.

Keeping too many feelings hidden could chill a relationship.

Jupiter goes as far as it can in your property chart and when you see a house this time, you know you could be happy there together.




You are so good with people you meet for the first time, including a partner’s boss and an interview panel.

Your words inspire but also entertain. A media job could be ideal.

You are ready to leave the shallows of love and put all your heart into a relationship.

This is a daring move but can be so rewarding.




Your mind is sharper, your emotions calmer and you have the dash of courage it takes to make a major financial decision.

You can answer an important and unexpected love question too.

Searching for a soulmate? A mutual friend introduces you to a Taurus who has such a sexy voice.




However long you have been together, you could suddenly want to make the relationship official.

You will be amazed by how much this can deepen love.

Still looking? Your new love designs unusual homes.

As Jupiter completes its year-long stay in your sign, choose carefully wishes you make today.




Instead of keeping your best but most challenging ideas at the back of your mind, you are ready to share them and make an action plan.

Love-wise, a relationship needs care and attention, so ring-fence time for your partner.

Free? Love starts when a new face joins a conversation with old friends.




Your ability to rebuild other’s confidence leads to shared ­success.

At work, you could become an ideal project ­manager. At home, you can encourage a talented but unsure relative to be competitive.

As for love, a relationship that promised so much could now start to deliver.




Mysteries from a family’s past are solved in ways that can make your future much richer – in more than money.

You have a more realistic view of love and see it as an important part of your life but not the only thing that matters.

Yet this new approach can make a partnership hotter and happier.




The moon goes into the heart of your chart and the love, time and care you invest in a relationship will be rewarded.

But do factor in time for fun. Your ability to learn new things and get on with new people is switched on, making this an ideal time to change jobs or update your skills.

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