Daily Horoscope for Sunday 22nd October


Today is a good day for the patient Aries. Your patience will be rewarded. Open your eyes to the things you can piece together in your quiet times. Focus your mind on building something that draws people toward you. Aries parents will find today a good day to talk to their children about complicated topics.


Today is a great day for a Taurus to paint a picture. Bring the color purple into your world today. Someone you love will need your help very soon. Be ready to grant it to them!


Geminis will look for renewed strength today. You’ll find it in a unique place, perhaps near somewhere where people are eating. Today is a six out of ten, and you should seek the opportunity to include yellow in your outfit today.


There’s a new purpose stirring in your soul, Cancer. Why are you fighting it? On the horizon are fantastic opportunities for travel and exploration. Electronic communication plays an important role in today’s events.


News from an old friend might point you toward a new pursuit. Be aware not to misjudge someone’s intentions. As always, attention to detail matters today, Leo. Give small details your full attention.


You’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, Virgo, and that’s been understandable giving all you’ve been going through. Take care of yourself. Be willing to take a nap. Make some chicken soup, and don’t forget to include sage. It’s a herb that will help bring your intentions into sharper focus.


Libras will need to pay close attention to all of the various processes that are spinning around them today. Look for evidence that a hunch you had long ago is true. Something you read in a newspaper or website is going to inspire surprising passion, and might inspire you to make an important change to an old routine.


Try to set new goals for your career today, Scorpio. Developing new skills will pay extra dividends down the road that make that time well worthwhile. A salesperson will make an offer to you that is far too good. Make sure your defenses are strong. Money matters will come into a sharper focus in the next few days.


Your day, Sagittarius, is set to be a good one. Something you’ve been holding off on will reveal itself to be ready. Take action where you can, and have patience where you must. Today is a seven out of ten. It would be a very good day to use the color blue to your benefit. A brother of a friend will play an increasingly large role in your life very soon.


Capricorns will find today is a seven out of ten. Complications will first present themselves, but you’re well-positioned to solve the puzzles. Music can be a source of strength and inspiration to you today, especially if you find yourself singing in the car. If you can, roll down the windows and belt it out!


Don’t believe everything you read, Aquarius. Stick your neck out in a way that feels both right and uncomfortable. Presentation matters. Check the spelling and voice for everything you do. You’ll need to repair some poor first impressions that are holding you back lately.


Pisces, today is a very good day to think about money and budget. Money in the bank is better than money spent on shoes. You’ll find an old voice from the past speaking to you about important matters.

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