Daily Horoscope for Sunday October 15th

Aries, You’ve felt a little lost lately, and it’s time to find yourself. Do so through the power of kindness. Seek little ways to make a difference to a stranger.

Taurus, avoid hurting someone you love by acting without thinking. You can make a big mistake with a little hurt. Be kind, especially today. Your power color is orange, especially after noon today.

If you got what you wanted, Gemini, what will you do? Seek wisdom in books and songs. Be honest when someone asks you a difficult question.

Cancer, there’s a lot to learn from the wisdom of children. Take solace in their innocent laughter today. Some secret meeting will influence your decisions in the future. Today is a good day to plan future building projects.

Leo, there’s too much in your head right now. How can you avoid old mistakes? Take the time to write out a dialogue between your current self and your future self. Motivational books might hold significant meaning for you today. The number three can focus your energies on doing the right things today.

We’ve all been hurt, Virgo, but lately, you’ve been feeling it more acutely. How has it come to this? Life is about more than mere survival. It’s time to steal your heart and make that move you’ve been considering for a while now. Spend time in the kitchen and let good food feed your mind, body, and soul. You’ll be all right, once you dust off your jeans and get back into the fray!

Vanity explains tragedy, Libra. Time to eat some humble pie, admit your mistakes, and set things right. Don’t ask of anyone what you’re unwilling to do yourself. Today is a good day to clean out old baggage and start new, positive habits. Barricades cannot block you from reaching your goals in time.

Scorpio, today is a good day to bet on yourself. Stake your prospects to your own abilities. Someone in authority is going to notice all your recent hard work. Whispering might get you into trouble today, so be especially careful not to take trash behind someone’s back. Take a walk if the mood strikes you.

Don’t let someone cage you, Sagittarius. Open your mind like a bird soaring in the thermals. Your freedom cannot be undermined if you won’t let it. Music can be your inspiration today. Seek out music from your youth, or a new song you’ve never heard before. Today is a seven out of ten. Black pepper is your power spice today.

Time, Capricorn, has been drawing out slowly lately, like the slow-motion scene in an action movie. Let it focus you. The world may be a ruckus about you, but you can be calm in the midst of the chaos. Seek peace where you can. You’ll find it in unexpected places. Now is a good time to get affairs in order in case you have to travel soon.

For every door you don’t kick open, Aquarius, there’s a window to jump through. Don’t count missed opportunities but apply your strategies to finding that one perfect moment. It’s there waiting for you. What can you learn and what can you teach today? There is nothing but today. Don’t spend it thinking about regret. Feel upbeat about your prospects toward the end of the day. Your power color today is gray.

Pisces, there’s no sail on your mast today. The boat is sinking. Take a page from a song you heard recently and let its message resonate its way across your decisions today. There are calmer waters ahead.

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