Daily horoscope for Tuesday October 3


The positive influence of Saturn gives you seriously good ideas plus the determination that turns them into action.

And you have a real way with people that ensures they do all they can to help you. Later on, the moon visits your sixth-sense zone so you can attract people just by thinking about them.


The sun patrols your wellbeing chart, creating a warmer and friendlier atmosphere at work while renewing commitment to a healthy lifestyle plan the family can share. Single? You both say you are just good friends but this could turn into love. Your hottest source of luck is the sender of a three-word text.


You think, talk and walk with such a strong sense of purpose and can make a key breakthrough with a personal project.

Venus versus Pluto sets up a choice between the pleasures of settling down together and a relationship that is a constant but rewarding challenge. Luck could call close to 8pm.


Ideas for turning buildings into welcoming homes are truly inspired and you could be in business with a friend.

As the moon visits your chart of faraway faces and places, you know that someone you miss thinks lovingly of you. Single? You find love with someone who accepts the real you.


Saturn and the sun give your working life a wake-up call and you are ready to admit you want to achieve more.

Fulfilling your personal potential is one of life’s toughest tasks but you can do it. Already in love? A partner shares exciting news with you. Still looking? You notice someone on an escalator . . .



You know love always creates more love. If single, when two people with similar names take a shine to you, make a clear choice and stick with it.

If you are in a settled relationship, chasing a cash prize as a couple more than doubles your luck. And you are smarter with money even when you win it.


The sun goes deeper into your sign and more of the real you goes on show, with excellent results. At work, this authentic version of you is what is needed.

Add plenty of natural charm. Romance-wise, when someone talks about a vivid dream so like a recent one of yours, it is the start of something special.


Pluto is travelling in harmony with Venus. There are suddenly lots of extra choices and they are difficult because they all have a lot to offer.

This can apply to where you live and work – and whose love is right for you. You admire a relative’s natural skill for telling jokes. Time to find out if you share the gift.


Saturn ensures people listen to your ideas and take your requests seriously, so talk about what really matters.

Love will take over and a relationship that seemed to be going nowhere is planning an adventurous future as a couple. Single? Love will flow when you link up with a showy Leo.


An ambition that seemed out of reach is within your grasp. This can be linked to your career or be a more personal achievement.

The key is to check the facts for yourself. When love is the very last thing on your mind, you will be asked a deeply romantic question.


Revealing your true ambition may cause a rumpus because it is so different to anything your family has done in the past. If you are single, the identity of your new partner may surprise your friends – but you know you are getting it right. What really makes your day is securing a place on a training course.


You may not yet see yourself as the artistic type but the merger between Neptune and the moon suggests a gift for taking heartwarming pictures will emerge.

The surprise of the day is news about two family weddings. The most promising way to find new, true love is via a radio station.

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