Daily Horoscope of Sunday 29th october


Daily prediction of Aries is going to be the tough time for your relationships. You may need to face some hurdles. Time is in your favour – don’t worry! Your family members will be happy with you. There are chances that you meet someone influential.


Taurus Though your day will start at a normal note, but by the end of the day, you may get some unpredictable benefits. You may also get your dead money. Don’t make fake promises, as you will not be able to fulfil them.


Gemini Today, you should spend your whole day with your partner. Don’t wast your time in useless things. You may get a new job today.


Cancer You need to understand that some space is necessary in every relationship. Do not interfere in the work of others. This is not the right time for your career.


Leo You will be overburdened with work, which is why, your near and dear ones may get upset with you. You are advised to find some quality time for your partner.


Virgo You may meet new people, and your friend circle may increase. There are chances of promotion at your workplace. You may get some good news. Trusting a friend can bring unexpected good results.


Libra You will suddenly find new ways to increase your income, which will be beneficial for your future. You will be busy with useless stuff, try to control yourself. By the end of the day, you will be able to prioritize your work.


Scorpio You may face loss in business, be careful. Think twice before making a decision. If it is not necessary, then don’t take any decision. There are chances of some mishap. Students may need to work hard to achieve their goals.


Sagittarius Your broken relationships may get mend. The misunderstanding that were troubling you, may get resolved. Students are advised to keep focused, then only they will be able to achieve goals. If you have clear goals, then only you will be able to achieve it.


Capricorn You may take an important decision related to your career. This is right time to participate in a competition. You may get into a fight with your parents – you are advised to keep control on yourself.


Aquarius Investing in share market may benefit you. You will see expansion in your business, if you work hard. You may meet some old and new friends. These people can be beneficial in your future plans.


Pisces There would be troubles in your love-life. However, by end of the week, things will change. You will become very positive for your personal life and you will also get its benefits. You will be able to resolve all your troubles with your faith in god.


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