Dalit man asked to approach local police; for wedding procession as influential oppose it

The instance is of village in Kasganj

In a rather intriguing case, a Dalit man has gone on to the high court to demand his right to take out a baraat, wedding procession.

The Dalit man is from the Uttar Pradesh, where interestingly some of the Dalit MPs have also been questioning the condition of community as marginalized.

But the High Court has rejected the petition asking the man to approach the local police instead.

It need be known that the man and his fiancee, who also hails from the same community, want baraat to be taken out for their wedding and allege that the upper caste people of the village are preventing them from going ahead.

The instance is of village in Kasganj.

It is said that the issue has spiraled into a standoff like situation between the couple and the upper castes.

It is also said that the upper caste peple have suggested the wedding be shifted to an open ground just 80 metres from the bride’s home as it would no more need an elaborate baraat.

The Dalits are a minority here, it is said.

Besides going to court, the man identified as Sanjay Kumar has posted an online complaint to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s portal and has repeatedly visited the police station.

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