Dance Plus 3: Amardeep Singh Natt and Aryan Paatra make it to the final four

First up on today’s episode were ABP crew from Pune. Dressed in matching pink blazers, the trio began their dance on the viral song Why This Kolaveri Di.

Wearing lungis they looked really cute and have a new meaning to Lungi Dance. Though overall it was an impressive performance, one bit has me disturbed.

One of the dance group member volunteered for a racist joke that went along with the lyrics ‘Night Color Black’. 2017, guys. Otherwise the element of comedy really worked for their act.

The judges fond the performance to be ‘paisa vasool’. Though they Remo and Shakti appreciated the dark joke. What, guys?

The fathers of the three dancers are called on stage and all of them were dressed in suits, and looked very handsome.

The three dads are requested to dance on a song, and their performance was epic. Too good.

All the contestants and judges join them on the stage in one of the most endearing moments in the show. How cute was that!

After that, Simran actress Kangana Ranaut enters the show amidst loud cheers from the fans. A cute slut is put up with her.

House of Suraj are up next. The ladies looked so damn beautiful. Their setup on the stage was avert imaginative and unique with their lehengas covering the entire floor. They danced on Dil Mera Muft Ka. A brilliant performance.

Raghav says that Kangana inspires him as the freedom he has as a guy is a privilege.

Kangana impressed by the fact that a man is admitting to that privilege and places a kiss on Raghav’s cheeks.

Tarun and Shivani are up next. They give a heartbreaking performance about accepting oneself on the song Mujhe Teri Zarurat Hai.

The theme centered on a guy with disfigured face fighting with his inner self. With Tarun playing the guy, and Shivani played the shadow (inner self).

Shri Ram Natak Niketan performed next. Their dance performance was dedicated to the Indian army. Their performance was good.

Kangana exits the episode, and Farah Khan enters to promote her show Lip Sing Battle.

Beer Sherpa comes on stage next and presents a riveting dance performance.

Farah gifts Beer’s mother a saree.

Ayush De and Mukesh are up next with one of the best performances on Dance Plus ever.

They do a reenactment of The Jungle Book on the song Yaaro Dosti. A brilliant performance made better with the huge set up.

A medley performance is put up by all the contestants on song choreographed by Farah as she completes 25 years in the industry this year.

Amardeep is up next. He narrated his own story about the time he spent on Dance Plus, across three seasons, through his performance.

His performance got a standing ovation from the audience.

The masters dance on Popular Farah Khan songs.

Aryan Paatra is next on stage. Just 17 and so talented. He plays with speed in his performance.

He dances super fast but when slowed down, the performance looks perfect.

Amardeep is announced as the next finalist. And then Aryan Paatra is announced as the next finalist.

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