Dati Maharaj Implicated In Rape Case

Self styled godman Dati Maharaj, who claims to help people facing the wrath of ‘Shani’, seems to have run into a rough patch of life himself.

A 25 year old woman has alleged rape against him and two others of his aides in a police complain. The young lady has also lodged a complain against him with Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

In her detailed statement to the police, the 25-year-old victim said that she was raped twice in Rajasthan and Delhi by the self-proclaimed godman Daati Maharaj at his Shani Dham ashrams.

This shocking revelation has all the makings of throwing the godman Dati Maharaj into a serious mess. The complainant claimed that she has been a disciple of Daati since a decade and after she was sexually abused by the ‘baba’ and two of his men, she ran away. ‘Daati Maharaj’ is known to have a large fan base and also holds a sway on them and it was the fear and shock which kept her mum for nearly two years.

<>After receiving her complain, Chairman of DCW tweeted on Tuesday, ‘Met girl who alleged rape by Dati Maharaj in his ashram. The girls story is simply horrifying and it appears that she has gone through the utmost torture.

She has a threat to her life. Issued notice to Delhi Police to imm provide her protection. Dati Maharaj shud b imm arrested!’

The victim has also named one ‘sadhvi’ of the ashram who forced her to go to ‘Daati Maharaj’ following which the victim was raped. The ‘sadhvi’ also tried to justify the ordeal and said, “Just like you, many other female disciples have slept with Daati Maharaj and there is nothing wrong in it.”

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Dati Maharaj Implicated In Rape Case
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