Death of two School Students: A team of students went for Picnic

Before the Temple Darshan, two Students Drowned into the river

The celebration of the picnic turned into mourning when two school students drowned in a river and died a painful death. The incident is from Sirpur area of ​​Mahasamund, where two students have died due to drowning in Mahanadi. Both the students are from Raipur and are students of Bharat Mata School, Raipur. According to the information, a team of 170 students from Bharat Mata School in Raipur went to Sirpur for a picnic.

After walking and having fun in Sirpur, the students started taking a bath in the Mahanadi before going to see Namadeshwar temple, while two students went deep, watching the two students drowning in the river, the boys started making noise, but when both By the time an attempt was made to save, both had drowned in the river.

Locals jumped into the river and took out the bodies of both the students, by then both had died. Here after the incident, weeds fell in the school, there was a ruckus in the house as soon as the family received the information. The deceased students are said to be named Aman Shukla and Khushdeep Sandhu, both of whom are ninth students. The body has been taken out by the police and taken into their possession, after the post mortem, the body will be handed over to the parents.

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