News update Of Sridevi’s passing away

Delay in release of body not unusual

The public has so far had very limited access to information about her death and the process of repatriation, reports suggest that all developments with regard to the release of the body are well in sync with general rules and regulations.

To report a death outside a hospital, the UAE police needs to be called immediately, as per the official portal of the UAE government. Forensic reports have to be obtained from the police to investigate the cause of death. The authorities then fill out a death report and move the body to a government morgue.

After the procurement of a death certificate, the document has to be submitted to UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The ministry registers the death and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation attests the death certificate, according to the official govt portal. In Sridevi’s case, the forensic procedures were not rushed since she is a high profile personality.

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