Delhi: Air Hostess Death, Top Court On In-Law’s Plea

"Shocking Facts" In Delhi Air Hostess Death: Top Court On In-Laws' Plea

After the in-laws, of the flight attendant who allegedly jumped off the terrace of her Delhi home in July approached the Supreme Court seeking protection from arrest, the court said “it was a very serious matter, you just can’t brush it aside”.

The top court observed that the WhatsApp messages and emails on record revealed “shocking facts” and added the police have enough evidence to establish that the woman was subjected to cruelty.

Anissia Batra, 32, who worked with a German airline, allegedly jumped off the terrace of her home in south Delhi’s Panchsheel Park. She was being physically and mentally tortured by her husband Mayank Singhvi and his parents, her father told the police.

“She was murdered,” her family alleged.

Mayank Singhvi was arrested three days after her death.

The court will hear the case after 10 days.

The couple had approached the top court after the Delhi High Court rejected their anticipatory bail request last week. The Delhi Police had told the court that couple had supported their son in harassing their daughter-in-law.

The Batra family alleged that Mayank Singhvi was an alcoholic and often beat her up. He also demanded money. The couple were married for over a year.

Anissia Batra’s brother Karan Batra had told the police that she sent a series of messages before she died. Mayank Singhvi had also told the police about a text message from his wife before her death.

“She was threatening to kill herself,” Mayank alleged.

Anissia Batra’s father had trashed Mayank’s claim.

“If she is physically harmed, her husband and his parents RS Singhvi and his wife Sushma should be held responsible,” Major Gen (Retd) RS Batra had written in his complaint a few days before his daughter’s death.

The police say Anissia Batra was upset as she found out a month ago that her husband was married once before and had concealed the fact from her.

“After she found out about his earlier relationship, she was quite hurt. It is suspected that they must have had arguments over it,” a senior police officer said.

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