Delhi: Notorious Drug Peddler Hasina Begum Got Arrested

Hasina Begum ran a well-organised drug peddling network in Taimoor Nagar area in southeast Delhi

Delhi Police claims, to have attained a major breakthrough with the arrest of notorious drug-peddler Hasina Begum, 32, who was allegedly caught with 265 gm of heroin in her possession during a raid in Taimoor Nagar in southeast Delhi.

Hasina’s name emerged after the Rupesh murder case in Taimoor Nagar as one of the peddlers supplying drugs to the upscale localities in south and southeast Delhi. However, so far she was not directly linked with the murder.

Delhi Police deputy commissioner of police (southeast district) Chinmoy Biswal said that the accused has a long history of supplying drugs to upscale localities in the neighbourhood and also supplying drugs for parties. As per police, Hasina hired local salesmen and watchmen to execute her illegal operation.

“The accused has established a secure network in Taimoor Nagar area. She used to hire unemployed men as salesmen to sell heroin packets in the locality. They are paid Rs 500 per day. She also pays Rs 200 per day to unemployed youths to keep an eye on police and the movement of narcotics officials in surrounding areas,” Biswal said.

“We have specific inputs about some drug dealers active in Taimoor Nagar area. Subsequently, we mounted technical surveillance as well as taken the help of local informers to know their locations. During the exercise, the officers spotted a woman with suspicious activity near the drain. The officers nabbed her before she could flee,” Biswal said.

Delhi Police has booked her under Section 21 of the NDPS Act with the New Friends Colony police station. Hasina has been accused by the police in more than a dozen cases under the NDPS Act.

According to the police, Hasina was inspired by her brother-in-law, Maidul, after she got married to Mohamad Saleem in her early 20s.

Maidul used to peddle drugs from Taimur Nagar and he had allegedly used Hasina to carry drugs from one place to another. Soon, she learnt the tricks of the trade on tactics to dodge the police and narcotics officials on the ground.

“Hasina used to purchase heroin at Rs 12 lakh per kg from Farooq Ahmed and made a profit of Rs 3 lakh by selling the drug in 1-gm packets. “Farooq was arrested last month along with another local drug peddler, Abhijit Mukherjee. The drug found in her possession was the remaining bit from the last stock bought from Farooq,” Biswal added.

Following Farooq and Abhijit’s arrest, Hasina stopped her illegal activities for some times. She had started her activities again as the demand for such drugs is quite high in the NCR.

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