Delhi teen alleges parents took money; forced her to retract ‘rape’ charge

girl became aware of the Rs 5 lakh cash as advance payment

Even as the recent rapes have shaken the nation to its core, a strange case has now emerged wherein it is alleged that parents have settled for money against their daughters’ rape case.

This has been alleged by 15-year-old gang rape victim in Delhi.

She goes to elaborate that her parents took as much as Rs 20 lakh with her rapists to then force her to change her statement.

Police said that the girl walked in with at least Rs 3 lakhs that she alleged had been handed over to her parents had taken to stay quiet.

It emerged that the teen girl reportedly lives in Aman Vihar and was abducted and raped by two people.

Police have identified the accused as Sunil Shahi and Chandrabhushan.

The crime is said to have taken place allegedly last September.

Though the girl came back home about a week later and told her parents about her ordeal, the parents at the time filed a police complaint leading to arrest of Shahi and Chandrabhushan.

But it turned out later that both got out on bail and visited her parents.

The girl became aware of the Rs 5 lakh cash as advance payment.

Her parents are then said to have forced her to change her statement and was beaten up when she refused.

The girl decided to complain about the matter to the police and handed over the money to them when her parents were away April 10.

Police have now gone ahead and booked the parents under the Juvenile Justice Act and for criminal intimidation as well.

The victim is now in the care of the Child Welfare Committee.

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