Delicious Navratri Foods that you can Enjoy While Fasting

The word “Navratri” means “9 days” in Sanskrit and is dedicated to Goddess Durga

Happiness galore, is right knocking on our doors as it is Navratri time. Our very own Gujarati Sunburn is around the corner, a time when everyone puts on their best foot forward.

Dance, music, fashion and a lot of holinesses are what makes this festival so special. The word “Navratri” means “9 days” in Sanskrit and is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

However, what really makes this 9-day event all the more special is that devotees actually fast through the day and celebrate the spirit of the festival by playing garba and dandiya in the night.

Everyone who follows this pure and pious festival knows that it involves fasting. However, what makes the fasting so exciting is all the “vrat food” (fasting food). Yes, this holy period also offers us some lip-smacking food dishes.

The perk of these is that they are super delicious and also involves limited ingredients which are used to make the “vrat ka khana”. Listed below are few food items which are the perfect picks for the Navratri fast.

Sabudana Khichdi:

The most popular dish during fasting is sabudana as it is rich in carbohydrates and starch and keeps our food cravings at bay. Sabudana khichdi or sago khichdi as it is known in the Southern state of the country is made up of tapioca pearls. The khichdi is prepared with peanuts, mild spices, potatoes, sendha namak (fast salt) and fresh coriander.

Kuttu aata ki puri

Buckwheat flour or kuttu ka aata is extremely healthy and instantly boosts up the energy level. The puris made with kuttu ka aata are a favourite during fasts and is eaten either with curd or aloo ki sabzi.


Our celebrities swear by makhana and it is a great snack when one is fasting too. Makhanas or lotus seeds can either be roasted in ghee or eaten raw. They are a great source of energy and is also super tasty.

Dairy products

A section of devotees like to stick to a liquid diet throughout the 9 days avoiding any sort of solid food. Some of the healthy and filling dairy product dish options are cut vegetables in curd, chaas/buttermilk, roasted almond in milk. We are so sure that it will soothe the heart.

Aloo ki kadhi

Use your otherwise boring aloo and give it a tasteful twist. Use the boiled potatoes with the curd gravy (kadhi) and temper it with mustard sleeves and curry leaves. It is healthy, filling and yes, lip-smacking.

Singhare aate ka halva

Singhare aate ka halva is made up of water-chestnut flour, jaggery and dry fruits. The procedure of the dish is the same as of any halva. This one will definitely make your taste buds super happy.

Fruits and vegetables

The best option always whenever you’re feeling your health go down. Fresh fruits or fruit juices are both filling and keeps us fresh throughout the day.

These vrat dishes will be a delight to your taste buds and will instantly melt your heart. If you have any more vrat dishes options.

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