Demolition of a Bridge that Stood over a Lake for over Eight Decades.

Within few seconds the whole bridge get Demolished smoothly .

A large amount of public gathered in Kentucky, USA to watch the successful demolition of a bridge which stood there for 86 years. This bridge was opened in 1932 and ever since in use as a toll bridge. A new bridge not far from the old structure was opened in February and is already in use.

Before demolition the authorities created a clear zone of 1,500 feet around the bridge.
The adjoining new bridge was also closed for two hours ahead of the controlled blast.
it took 24 hours to clean up the metal by the crew members.

An explosion sent the suspended structure collapsing to the bottom of the lake in a quick few seconds, making for a thrilling watch for people who gathered to view the demolition from a safe distance. Road and boat traffic was briefly halted as authorities prepared to bring down the old structure.

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