Designs that will dominate the current year.who wants to live in the same old decorated rooms all over the life,here we have some in trend designs for you.

We pamper ourselves by giving us makeovers again and again so why not do the same to our will give a fresh look,new insight and a positive warm cozy environment to you and your loved ones.

In this blog we will basically talk about living rooms,bedrooms and kitchens.

*living rooms
Adding blue and white gives a positive touch as well as make you feel cool and fresh,it gives brightness to your home.

living room
living room

having large windows not only enhance the look but also gives fresh air and light , makes you feel relaxed.
pale wodden furnitures and the spce in between will be cherry on the cake it will make it look spacious,
choose eye catching decors and make high ceilings your preference.
if your house is surrended by greens than make sure it gives a good view from your drawing room and also add contrast covers to your furniture,funky is fun.
large tiles give it a royal look as well as add couch on the corners.
everything should be soothing to your your eyes.

now next coming to *bedrooms


Bedrooms are the most personal space one enjoys so it should have one personalized wall containing your special moments,it should have a sofa for your relaxation,big windows and dim light,bright color walls will add a good touch to them, different types of lights and decorative ceiling places an important role. there should be proper space to walk in between,adding a plant will give fresh air as well as a live factor to your room adding doormat near your bed will keep your decor high as well as will keep the room clean,we will not suggest to add any gaudy furniture as it makes one uncomfortable to live.

there should be separate doors for dressing room and bathroom as the same door make it messy. beddings should not be fancy but should give one comfort and relaxation,everything should be in the shade of 2 3 colors to make it look excellent.

lastly when we come to *kitchen areas


it should not be too big or too small,it should be short simple and sweet containing all the necessities having no extra amenities around.It should be systematic in nature where one could freely work.every container should be of the same color having transparent lids to save time while searching. refrigerator should be away from stove and shelves should be prepared above the stove for regular ingredients.every shelf should be closed with doors not only to enhance the look but to also save the things from dust and smoke.
hope this will help you out to make your home a happy place for you.</>

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