Devuthani Ekadashi 2018: About Devuthani Ekadashi or Devopthan Ekadashi

By making a vow of devasthani Ekadashi, it is as much as achieving a thousand ashmedh sacrifices.

The most auspicious and fruitful Ekadashi of the year is today, which is also known by the names of Devuthani Ekadashi or Devopthan Ekadashi. Today Lord Vishnu will wakeup after four months of sleep.

From this date, all the auspicious things like marriage, mundan etc. gets started.

By making a vow of devasthani Ekadashi, it is as much as achieving a thousand ashmedh sacrifices. Tulsi marriages are also done on this day from Shaligram.

Tulsi marriage is done

Weddings are started from the day of Deodhoni Ekadashi. Firstly, Tulsi Maa is worshiped.

Tulsi marriages are arranged on the day of Devthani Ekadashi. Tulsi ji is also called Vishnu priya, so when God arises, Harivalabhas hear the prayers of Tulsi.

On the day of Deodhoni Ekadashi, the marriage of Tulsi ji is made to Shaligram. If a person does not have a daughter and wants to get the pleasure of daughter donation in life then she can get her married to Tulsi.

Things to remember in worship

At the time of marriage, place the Basil plant in the middle of the courtyard, terrace or place of worship. Use sugarcane to decorate basil pavilion. Prior to starting the marriage ceremony, be sure to give Chuli on the Tulsi plant.

Offer sesame seeds to rice in Shaligram. Place turmeric in milk on basil and shaligram. During the marriage 11 times orbital Tulsi ji.

Will not Start Now Manglik Work

On the eve of this year, due to the existence of a Guru on Devuthani Ekadashi, the ties of marriage will not be known. According to the Pandit, Devuthani Ekadashi is considered to be a lonely and self-proven Muhurta for marriage.

This time, the star of the master will be in the form of a master on Devulhani Ekadashi, which will not make a marriage at this year’s Deodhani Ekadashi.

Devushthi Ekadashi 2018 Auspicious Muhurta
Ekadashi Date – 19th November 2018
Passage time – 06:52 to 08:58 (20 November 2018)
Start date of Ekadashi – from 13:34 (18 November 2018)
Ekadashi Dated – 14:30 P.m. (19th November 2018)

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