DGP given Strict Instructions to all SPs after Gang Rape incident

Women's safety,increase patrolling in major and deserted places

Keeping in mind the safety of women, Director General of Police DM Awasthi has written a letter to the Superintendents of Police of all districts of the state to increase the petrol at major places and deserted places. Keeping in mind the recent incidents with women in Rauchi and Hyderabad, the above instructions have been issued.

According to the instructions, the police will continue to patrol in order to prevent incidents of rape, molestation or physical exploitation against women in secluded places or elsewhere. Instructions have been given to increase the petrol and fix pickets in the adjoining areas of Atal Nagar (Nava Raipur), Tatibandh, Raipura, Bhatagaon, Borikala, Mana, Saddu, Urala and Kabir Nagar in the capital.

Along with this, instructions have been given to policemen that accidental checking should be done in night buses, trains and other transport modes so that no crime against women should occur.

It has been said in the instruction that since policemen are always in duty in uniform,so be ready for policing while returning and returning to duty.It is also the moral responsibility of the police towards society.No negligence regarding the safety of women will be tolerated.

Strict action will be taken on receiving any complaint. Helpline numbers, women’s desks and other facilities are also being provided in the control room for prevention of incidents against women. In emergency, you can be contacted immediately at the helpline number or control room.

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