Dhamtari police nabs ‘serial killer’!; police revealed this on his crimes

Khapri village murder involved killing of a mother and daughter

Dhamtari police nabs ‘serial killer’!; police revealed this on his crimes

In a shocking case, Dhamtari police in Chhattisgarh state have arrested a serial killer who is accused of murdering five in the past 18 months duration.

In a press conference organized today, the Dhamtari police revealed to have arrested Jitendra Dhruv in connection with the two murders of Khapri village in year 2016 as well as triple murder of Telinsatti village.

The Khapri village murder involved killing of a mother and daughter.

Senior police officials including Inspector General of Police Pradeep Gupta and Dhamtari Superintendent of Police Rajnesh Singh revealed during the press conference that the accused Jitendra Dhruv was a mason and used to carry bricks to make a living.

They claimed that Jitendra somehow came in contact with Parvati and two developed relations. It was one such occasion when on August 16 of 2016, Jitendra Dhruv was at the house of Paravati and making sexual contact, that Paravati’s mother arrived on the scene.

Apprehensive of infamy, the accused then resorted to killing of Parvati’s mother and later Parvati too so that no evidence or witness of his crime remains left behind him.

Police investigating the case were suspecting son of the deceased behind the murder as he was the first to arrive on the scene.

Accused Jitendra then went on to commit the triple murder in Telinsatti though the reasons were different this time.

It was on intervening night of 12-13 July of 2017 that Jitendra Dhruv killed Mahendra Sinha, his wife Usha Sinha and couple’s son Mahesh alias Lucky who was eleven at the time.

The killings came as part of dacoity, police said.

It emerged that Jitendra came to know about Usha being in the business of keeping jewellery mortgaged. He had planned to steal the jewellery stashed in the almirah of the Sinhas.

Police claimed that while he was busy stealing the jewellery, the family members woke up. The accused then went on a killing spree and later fled the spot with lakhs worth of jewellery.

What all the more intriguing is that police revealed to have worked its way to the killer after scanning and dismissing over there lakh mobile numbers. They said that they had to scan through the voters list of youngsters in Telinsatti and nearby areas to be able to track them and ascertain if they were part of conspiracy.

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