Dhanush, walks out of interview in anger after he was questioned about personal life!

Dhanush is busy in promoting his upcoming film VIP 2 the sequel to the 2014 hit movie Velaiilla Pattadhari.

One of his interviews with a Telugu channel, tv9 went awry and he walked out of a television interview recently.

The interviewer first asks Dhanush to share his thoughts on the latest drug scandal that has hit the Telugu film industry. Later she veers the conversation towards Suchi leaks and his family. “The kind of mental agony you have undergone,” asks the interviewer.

“Who said I went through mental agony,” pat came the counter response from Dhanush. He gets more shocked when the interviewer mentions about “allegations”, “videos”. It’s quite clear that the interviewer was referring to Suchi leaks.

And then came a question about his family. The interviewer asked whether his “family life was at stake?” On this, he could not hold his anger and walked out saying “This is a very stupid interview.

Courtesy  : tv9

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