Digvijay Singh’s comment after Narmada Parikrama

After Narmada Parikrama, I Am Not Going To Make Pakoda says Congress Leader Digvijay Singh.

This election of 2018 in Madhya Pradesh is emerging as a turning point of his political career in a way. At the same time, Congress leader Mahesh Joshi says that Digvijay will now play an important role in the assembly elections. Joshi says Digvijay Singh is preparing for a second trip after this orbiter.

Congress is pushing for the removal of power from 10 years of BJP in Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that senior leaders Jyotiraditya Sindhia and Digvijay Singh have been kept in the forefront of winning elections.

However, on the issue of contesting elections in Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh has already said, “I do not want to contest elections and neither should I be a Chief Minister.” In the Assembly elections, anyone has got tickets or contested any election. I have nothing to do with this.’

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