Disney Released Hindi Teaser Trailer of The Lion King

The Hindi Teaser of 'The Lion King' With Kabir Bedi As Mufasa.

Disney has released the Hindi trailer of their live-action animated film, The Lion King, directed by Jon Favreau.

And Kabir Bedi will be playing the role of Mufasa in it. James Earl Jones is reprising the role in the English version.

The trailer begins with Mufasa aka Bedi’s narration in the background and moves to the iconic shot of Rafiki hoisting Simba for all of the animals in the Pride Lands to see, with the original film’s track, Circle of Life being played in the background.

Check out the Hindi trailer here:

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Kabir Bedi also took to Twitter to share the trailer with his fans.

Hans Zimmer will be coming back to give the film its background score while Elton John is set to rework some of his original compositions. The film will be releasing in Tamil and Telugu as well.

The Lion King releases on 19 July 2019.

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