DMC bulldozes encroachment for construction of Anganwadi

Bhilai: On the instructions of Durg Municipal Commissioner Indrajeet Burman, the process for removal of encroachment from the nazul land of Takiapara of Kasaridih ward was taken up. The aforementioned nazul land is marked for construction of Anganwadi building on the demand of the residents residing in the nearby area.

The illegal construction of a building on an area of about 300 sq feet of the marked land was bulldozed. During the proceedings, Naib Tehsildar Akhilesh Deshlahare, Building Officer TK Deo, Assistant Engineer Jagdish Kesharwani, Building Inspector Girish Diwan, Deputy Engineer Vinod Manjhi, Shweta Mahalwar, Encroachment In-charge Shiv Sharma, and force from Durg Kotwali Police Station were present. It is noteworthy that persons named Mirza Javed Baig and Gopal Kasser had encroached upon the area behind the Sulabh Lavatory.

In this regard, the people living nearby had made a complaint through the Collector Janadarshan as well as Durg Corporation Janadarshan. On the basis of this, the corporation had served notice to the trespassers three times seeking voluntary removal of encroachment, but all attempts proved futile. Since the construction of Anganwadi under Anganwadi scheme of the government is proposed for that site as well as public demand the encroachment, the boundary wall, was bulldozed with the use of earth mover and inquest was prepared.

Similarly, another encroachment on government land in Kasaridih ward was also removed on the complaint of ward residents after an earlier site inspection conducted by the Tehsil Patwari and Revenue Inspector. Here too a boundary wall had been constructed on land of Khasra No 703 which was removed after the necessary formalities of serving notice.

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