Don’ts of Lunar eclipse on Magh Purnima

Magha Purnima is going to take a lunar eclipse on January 31 in Cancer. This eclipse appears on the occasion of Magh Purnima after 176 years. The lunar eclipse will take place at 05:18 pm, at 7:00 in the middle of the evening, and the salvation time will be 08:42 at night. With this, eclipse will be found in the morning at 08:34 minutes. Do not do these things by forgetting you in this coincidence. Otherwise it may have to face serious consequences …

Do not go to any secluded place or crematorium at lunar eclipse. Negative powers dominate the night of eclipse.

The time of the eclipse one should not touch the image of God.

According to the scriptures, avoid gender and man-woman contact at the time of eclipse. According to the scriptures, it has to suffer the torment of hell and it has to be born in the animal’s vagina in the next life.

On moonlight, pregnant women should not cut anything or use needle yarn. These things are not considered right for the child to be born.

Religious rituals should not be organized during moonlighting. According to the scriptures, worship should be done at the time of eclipse.

Debate should be avoided on moon day. This day, unrest in the house does not get the grace of the father. Meditate on the eclipse on the eclipse and make a donation with their names.

On the day of lunar eclipse, no poor or helpless person should be insulted by mistake. If possible, definitely put it in your habit.

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