Documents Needed to Secure Admission in a University

Some Basic Documents that every University will require

The most basic document that you will be required to submit for initiating the process of your admission to any foreign University will be the admission form. Most universities across the world have a system where they make the application process viable only with the submission of an application form. If the University where you have applied is one such University then you will be required to produce the original application form at the time of admission. It can either be an original, attested or a simple photocopy of the application form that you submitted.

Irrespective of the University that you will be applying at, you should always make it a point that you note the number that has been given to you for your registration and application so that your application be traced. Apart from this basic document, you will have to submit the academic documents as well. These include the passing certificates of class 10 and class 12 examinations in original at the time of physical verification of the documents. Some Universities also demand that along with original documents, you submit the attested copies of the same documents in an attempt to ensure that the candidate does not take dual admission in the same academic year.

Documents to prove eligibility in foreign Universities

The Eligibility criteria which have been laid by the Government Of The Foreign Countries for the immigrants to travel to The Foreign Countries on a student visa are considered to be friendly for the students and do not pose many hassles for the students as such. The Government of The Foreign Countries has made it mandatory for any person who wants to get a student visa issued to their name that they, first of all, get themselves enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution which is commonly called the DLI. Once this criterion is fulfilled by the candidate, then he will be required to prove that he has got enough money to for the tuition fee of the University which they are applying for, they will have to show that they are so capable that they can effectively manage not just their living expenses in The Foreign Countries but also the expenses of the family members who may accompany them to The Foreign Countries as dependants with regard to the student’s study visa. Like any other country would state, the Canadian Government has clearly stated that any student who is seeking the issuance of a student visa to his name, must not, at any point in his life had a history of committing a crime which thereby also requires them to obey all the rules stipulated by the Government of The Foreign Countries.

Certificates that have to be submitted

Then there are certain certificates that all students possess and that have to be submitted to the University. These include the school leaving certificate, migration certificate, character certificate, and the transfer certificate respectively. If the University in which you are applying is a state University, then there are chances that the student is required to submit documents that prove that he or she is a resident of the state. For this, a domicile certificate issued by the state authority or the residential proof has to be given to the University at the time of admissions. If you have graduated from the school recently, then the actual passing certificate may not be available to you. In such a case, the University requires you to submit a provisional certificate which is a testimony by the school in which you studied that affirms that you have completed school. Many students take a gap in their regular education for various reasons. Many Universities around the world require such students to show an affidavit from the courts which can testify that the reason for the gap that you had taken was genuine. Apart from these, every college has its own set of documents that it mandates for the students to submit. Thus, students must visit college websites to check the required set of documents. Also, the student must remember to take the attested photocopies of the documents with them in the physical verification rounds.

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