Draft National Energy Policy says India needs to fast track nuclear power

The draft National Energy Policy of NITI Aayog says that India needs to fast track its nuclear power to meet the country’s growing energy needs. The draft said India’s multiple diplomatic engagements with nuclear fuel supplier nations are also expected to yield many positive results.

It also noted that the government has taken note of Department of Atomic Energy’s action plan for accelerated growth of nuclear power.

The draft added, presently, participation of private sector and foreign suppliers in nuclear arena is restricted to construction activity only and Atomic Energy Act will need major modification for them to be involved in operation and ownership of nuclear plants.

The National Energy Policy released by Niti Aayog says India’s energy demand is likely to soar around three times by 2040, leading to increase in overall primary energy imports. The Aayog has sought public feedback on the draft till 14th of next month.

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