School Bus overturns on its way to Bircona, 10 students injured in accident

Driver looses control on the vehicle, as steering rod suddenly broke away


In an early morning road mishap, 10 school students were reportedly injured. The school bus, in which they were travelling, was headed for Gyandeep Public School, located in Bircona from Pipariya.

All of a sudden, the steering rod broke away, jolting all the bus travellers very hard. As driver lost control over the the vehicle, it overturned on the road.

On being informed of the accident, policed rushed to the spot at once. All the injured pupils were admitted in community health center for medical aid at once. None of them have sustained any serious injury.

All were sent home after administering first aid. According to reports, 30 students were riding the bus as the mishap took place. Efforts were on at the time of writing the news to move the overturned bus away from the road.

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