e-fraud dupes man of Rs 1.60 lakh on pretext of booking bus ticket

Raipur: In a bizarre instance of efraud, a man from Gudhiyari has been duped of Rs 1.60 lakh while trying to online book a bus ticket for one of his relatives. Police is now investigating the matter further. According to police, complainant Govind Kumar Dewangan of New Mangal Bazaar in Gudhiyari wanted to book a train ticket for one of his relatives coming to Raipur from Bhubaneshwar.

In this regard, he contacted over phone a local ticket agent named Nitin Gupta and told him his requirement. To his request, Nitin reportedly told that getting a confirmed train ticket in such a short time during this peak festive season is highly impossible and hence he should opt for booking a bus ticket. Dewangan then sought some time from Nitin to decide on opting for bus ticket reservation and disconnected the phone. Few minutes later, Nitin called back Dewangan and told him that he will be sending him a link over his mobile phone and in case he opts for reserving a bus ticket then he should fill it and activate the link.


This will book a confirm bus ticket for him. With Dewangan’s relative accepting to travel through bus, he activated the link sent to him Nitin for booking the ticket. However, to utter surprise of Dewangan, he received two messages within minute of activating the sent link about withdrawal of Rs 1.60 lakh from his bank account in two installments and no bus ticket was booked at all. Gudhiyari police, meanwhile, have registered an offence under Section 420 IPC against Nitin Gupta and is now investigating

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