E-System for registration of land-property, things to know

People advised to verify documents with Bhuinya software before registry of land or house being purchased

To make the procedure of property registration more transparent and simplified, Chhattisgarh Government had launched ‘Bhuinya Website (Software)’. And this e-registry system through this website has begun to yield promising results.

In the first trimester (April-June 2018) of current fiscal year 2018-19, 16 thousand 044 documents of land transaction have been registered online in various registry offices of state, which is 12% more than the number of registries last year in the same duration.

Commercial-Tax (Registry) Department Officials informed today that e-registry system was started in the state nearly two years back in February 2017 for the convenience of common people.

Since them this system is operating smoothly. In the first trimester of previous fiscal year 2017-18, 14 thousand 347 documents were registered through e-registry system.

According to the officials, if the data of only June month of this year and previous year is compared, we find that 79 % more registries done this year.

In June 2017, registry of 9215 documents has been done, whereas in June 2018, registry of 16500 documents has been done. Officials informed that these statistics show that registry work (land related and other) is going on regularly and has increased in comparison to last year.

Recently on June 4, 2018, registry of 998 documents was done, whereas on the same date last year only 38 registries were done. Likewise on June 5, 2018, 1022 registries were done, which is 242% more than registries done on the June 5 last year. Similarly, on June 9, 2018, 1065 registries and on June 11, 2018 1053 registries and on June 12 1074 registries were done.

Officials informed that there is no ban or prohibition on any kind of registry in state. Compulsory points for registry are also mentioned legally under Registry Rules, apart from Registry Act. In addition, these rules have been included as the part of computerized e-registry system, in the backdrop of audit and in compliance to the court orders.

Under Rule 19 of Registry Rule 1939, it is compulsory to mention about B1/Khasra/Land Plot for identification of the land. In addition, clear mention and earmarking of the area, of which registry is to be done, is compulsory under legal provision.

Information regarding on whose name the land is registered and what is the area of the land is received from Revenue Department. Earlier this work was done manually, now it is being done online by linking the softwares of both the departments (Registry and Revenue).

Officials further informed that it is to be especially mentioned- under Registry Rule-19, in relation to documents of agriculture land, building/land plot, only computerized B1, Panchsala, khasra will be valid, and verification of khasra and area of the property sold through Bhuinya Soctware of Revenue Department is compulsory.

Verification of agriculture land, nazul land and diverted land is also compulsory in this software. Documents registry will be accepted only after verification.

They informed that for registry of a land, party should present computerized copy of land related documents instead of manual copy signed by patwari. This computerized copy can be obtained from Bhuinya website. This system has been made for convenience of common people.

Registry officials informed that it’s a myth that verification documents are accepted without khasra number, which is not true at all. This is the reason why buyers should make sure that the property they are about to purchase is verified in Bhuinya Software or not. Registry will not be done without verification.

Document correction and updation work under Bhuinya Software (website) is related to Revenue Department. Applicant can contact tehsildar concerned for any kind of correction or updation. After verification of all necessary documents from Bhuinya Software, registry can be done easily through e-registry software in Deputy Registry Offices of state.

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