Earthquake strikes Indonesian island, ten people killed

Lombok in southeastern Indonesia is a popular tourist destination

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled Jakarta in Indonesia on Sunday.

It is said that as many as ten people were killed after Indonesian island of Lombok was struck.

The powerful quake is said to have the epicentre at a depth of seven kilometres (four miles).

Lombok in southeastern Indonesia is a popular tourist destination.

It lies around 100 km east of the resort island of Bali.

No details were provided on how the victims died.

At least two dozen others were injured in the earthquake, and one house was badly damaged in North Lombok.

Island authorities have temporarily closed the hiking trails on Mount Rinjani amid fears of landslides after the quake.

It is also learnt that the no tsunami alert was issued after the quake even as more than more than 40 aftershocks were recorded.

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