Election Commission nods ‘for’ candidates to contest from only one seat

in response to a Public Interest Litigation in Supreme Court

With some of the major states headed to election later this year and national election next year, the Election Commission of India has supported a Public Interest Litigation filed in the Supreme Court that seeks to restraint candidates against contesting from more than one seat.

This is crucial as the practice, especially among the senior leaders is to contest from more than one constituencies and then given one where poll gets held again.

This is especially noticeable in that the now Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to contesting from two Lok Sabha seats, namely, Vadodara and Varanasi, in the general election of year 2014.

He then retained the seat of Varanasi and polls had to be organized in Vadodara again.

But the Election Commission has now said that the Representation of the People Act should be amended to restrict a candidate to contest from one seat.

Election Commission said that letting a candidate contest from two seats is an “avoidable and unnecessary” burden on public exchequer.

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