Eleven Indians missing as cargo ship sinks off Philippines

Trapped in a typhoon off the coast of Philippines, a team of eleven Indians are reported to be missing when their cargo ship went sank in the Pacific ocean. The incident was confirmed by Japanese Coast Guard.

The ship has been identified as 33,205-tonne Emerald Star and there were 26 Indian nationals onboard. The ship did send a distress signal early Friday.

The ship registered in Hong Kong was sailing some 280 kilometres (174 miles) east of the northern tip of the Philippines when the mishap took place.

The Japanese coast guard received distress signal.Three other vessels sailing near the area rescued 15 crew members but 11 others were still missing, a Japanese coastguard spokesman said, adding that the cargo ship has sunk.


“We have dispatched two patrol boats and three planes to the site but a typhoon has made a rescue difficult,” the spokesman added.

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