EPFO Regional Office distributes relief material among migrant labourers during lockdown

Raipur: In this unprecedented and challenging situation of Covid-19 Pandemic, when only few essential services and sectors like health, banking and police force were allowed to provide their services, EPFO, which has been in the forefront of providing Social Security benefits to the workers, continued its functioning as Essential Services.

Officials of P.F. Office, Raipur on one hand have been coming to Office on rotational basis and processing claims of EPF members while on the other hand they have also been sensitive to their social obligations. They showed their empathy and concern for the migrant labourers who are returning to their home town, facing all the difficulties during this lockdown due to Covid -19 Pandemic.

It is noteworthy that at present, large number of inter-state migrant labourers are returning to their homes via Chhattisgarh State and one of their stoppage is at Tatibandh of Raipur city, where migrant labourers coming from Maharashtra gather and thereafter head to their home towns located towards Bilaspur or Bastar etc.

As soon as the conscientious officials of P.F. Office, Raipur came to know about this, some of them went to that location in person to understand the immediate requirements of the migrant labourers and thereafter pooled an amount of nearly Rs. 37000/- from their office colleagues, on voluntary basis. Specially made snacks packets, milk, ORS packets, sanitary napkins, water pouches, oil sachets, antiseptic creams, soaps, fruits, essential medicines etc. were purchased.

It was decided that among 100 migrant labourers these relief material would be distributed on the site for at least four consecutive days. Regional P.F. Commissioner, Chhattisgarh, Jay Kumar appreciated this concern of his office colleagues namely Praveen Kumar Soni, Manoj Biswas, Mrs Mohini Shesh, S. Vinod Kumar, Avinash Kakade, Ratan Tiwari and Suresh Kumar contributing their one day salary instantly, expressed confidence that this collective effort of EPFO officials will be a worthy ideal to emulate for others similarly placed officials hereafter.

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