Everyone is busy speculating why Zayn Malik deleted his Instagram Feed!

The Real Reason Why Zayn Malik Deleted His Instagram Feed is the talk of the town.

social media went crazy when Zayn Malik deleted his entire Instagram feed. Speculations quickly started flying around that the reason behind this was because he wanted to get over his ex, Gigi Hadid,he might thought instead of deleting her pictures it would be easy for him to delete the whole feed.

this was the most common reason people came across while dealing the issue but according to sources reality is something else, we are not sure but their are chances that he did so to mark a new evolution in his music career.

2018 hasn’t been gracious to relationships in Hollywood so far. After Jennifer Aniston – Justin Trudeau announced separation, singer Zayn Malik split from his supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid a few weeks ago. The gorgeous couple parted ways after two years of togetherness. After The Sun first reported of their breakup, Zayn and Gigi both took to Twitter to release an official statement, confirming the development. And now Zayn has deleted every single picture of his ex-girlfriend from Instagram including all others.

we guess this is the best way to show what new he is into!
what say ladies and gentlemen?
Believe it or not, this is actually a legitimate social media strategy and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it either. Back in late 2017, the iconic brand, Diesel did the same thing.

we got something good to learn na! even zayn posted a new video after sometime.
so lets see what are his plans….our speculations are good or not..
for more stay tuned.


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