Add spark to your home for festive season

Experiment with bolder colours like deep red, burnt orange

New Delhi.

This festive season, make sure you are adding spark not just to your clothes but homes too. Experts suggest how :


* Go bold with gold: With festive season and Diwali round the corner, sprinkle some shimmer. This season, you can experiment with bolder colours like deep red, burnt orange and sunny mustard. Pair these up with cushions in woven textiles and traditional motifs like paisleys. Try to use matt gold. It’s all about mixing of pastel colours with matt gold, matt champagne and matt rose gold with blush pink.

* Diyas: Lighting diyas is another most ancient custom in India, because when there was no electricity and artificial lights, diyas were used to brighten up the homes during darkness.

* Hanging lamps: Hanging lamps always create an oriental atmosphere. It is energising to see these lamps on a terrace, balconies or entrance foyer areas or even in room corners. There are cork finish, cement finish, textured handmade paper lamps and plastic fibers and jute paper lamps.


Punam Kalra, Creative Director at I’m, The Centre for Applied Arts, suggested:

* Wall decor: Decorative mirrors and art are easy options for dressing the walls and accessorising corner tables and consoles.

* Antiques and figurines: A collection of antiques and figurines kept in one corner can look very impressive. It can be an assortment of colours, sizes and so on.

* Paint a pop of colour: Sometimes a little contrast can do amazing things. If your room is feeling stale and monotonous, go and pick a colour that contrasts with the colour scheme you have been witnessing for a long time in your space.

* Fill an empty corner: The best way is to declutter and then start filling again. You would be able to junk a lot of stuff and fill corners or blank spaces very creatively with various sized frames, lamps and so on.

* Add layer to your lighting: Lighting is the one of the most important features in a room. Home or office requires the correct amount of and relevant light. Bathrooms where we groom need ample lighting especially around the mirror. Table lamps, floor lamps, elaborate ceiling lights can serve the purpose of light and aesthetics. Kitchen area should be lit, the artwork should be highlighted.

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