Facilities extended to coal mine workers, know more

Coal India Limited (CIL) have well-structured welfare schemes/facilities for housing, water supply, sanitation, maintenance of roads and proper upkeep of colonies, indoor and outdoor medical treatment, post-retirement medical benefits, games and sports, gymnasiums, yoga Kendra, recreational facilities e.g. club, stadium, playgrounds, children park, library, community centre,

canteen, rest shelter, bank, co-operative stores, education facilities including provision of school bus for children, scholarship schemes for the wards of the employees, reimbursement of tuition fees and hostel charges of the wards of the employees pursuing study in all Government Engineering and Medical Colleges, award/ reward to the employees and their wards for their achievement in their areas of work/education/games etc.

Maternity leave and child care leave facilities are given to the women employees of the company.

Annual medicalcheck-up is not mandatory for coal mine workers.They are required to undergo Periodical Medical examination (PME) afterevery five years as per Rule 29 B (b) of Mines Rules, 1955.

However, on the recommendation of the 10th Conference on Safety in Mines held in 2007, frequency of periodical medical examination has been
brought down from existing five years to three years for the mining employees above 45 years of age.

Employees engaged in food handling and preparation and handling of steaming material activities are undergoing routine stool examination once in every six months and sputum for AFB and chest radiograph once in a year.

Employees engaged in driving/ Heavy Earth Moving Machinery operation jobs are undergoing eye refraction test once in a year.

CIL and its subsidiary companies provide full medical facilities to all employees and their dependent family members in the form of outdoor, indoor and referral services.

Moreover, wherever required, employees and their dependent family are referred to outside Government and private hospitals. There are 332 super-speciality, multi-speciality and single speciality private empaneled hospitals all over India where the employees and their dependent family members can avail treatment free of cost whenever referred. Retired employees along with their spouses can also receive treatment in these hospitals.

The contractual workers are also provided treatment and occupational health services in the 70 hospitals owned by CIL spread across the coal mining areas.

The coal mine workers are getting the facilities of Provident Fund and Pension as per Coal Mines Provident Fund Scheme, 1948 and Coal Mines Pension Scheme, 1998.

This information was given by the Minister of Coal & Railways, Shri Piyush Goyal in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

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